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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Picked this week - 18th August 2013

we've just returned from a week's holiday so have lots of veg that needs picking NOW - before it bolts or gets completely eaten by birds/slugs/snails!

 We found a couple of spring cabbage - that should really have been ready to pick before now.

A massive cucumber  - the outer is rather tough so for once I'm peeling it.

Various spinach/ lettuce leaves 

courgettes - before our holiday, I said we didn't have the glut that others growers had been talking about. Looks like the plants are determined to prove us wrong.

Another scraggy cauliflower and some runner beans

a pleasant surprise - lots of blackberries. we've picked easily twice this amount in the last couple of days but now they may slow down.
thinnings from the garden apple tree - to reduce the weight on the branches AND to add to the blackberries
tomatoes of all different shapes and sizes

and we've started to lift some onions - just the ones we need for cooking at the moment.


  1. I hope you had a good holiday, what a lovely harvest to come home to!Those blackberries are lovely!

    1. Had a lovely time thanks Laurie. Still trying to catch up with everything though now we're back.

  2. ...mmmmmmmmmMmm! ~ thine harvest looks divine!...(O: