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Friday, 25 January 2013

Allotment in the snow

We decided yesterday to have a trip to the allotment - the first since the snow began.
We didn't take the car though somebody had tried to from the tyre marks.

 Everything was pretty much ok apart from the kale which hadn't been covered by netting. Before the snow it being ignored but with the bad weather the birds (pigeons mainly) are searching for every scrap of food - unfortunately they liked the look of my dinner.

 With more snow forecast for this weekend (it's falling as I blog) we thought it best to clear the polytunnel roof and the tops of the coldframe. Surprisingly, the lettuce in there seems ok.

 The netted brassicas were protected from both birds and the weight of the snow but I decided to clear them as best I could before the poles collapsed.

Maybe this weekend will see the end of this cold snap and we'll be back to proper gardening.


  1. wow. you have got a bit of snow! I hope it melts soon, I really like the window sil photo on your header, thats lovely

    1. i'm getting bored with this snow now. Usually it melts away after a day or so but this has hung around nearly two weeks. Not long to compare to Canadian winters but unusual for us. glad you like the cyclamens - I need a bit of colour somewhere right now :)