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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Picked this week - 26th August 2012

 A bit surprised to have strawberries ripening this late in the season - not sure if the variety should fruit now or earlier . Not many but very nice on my breakfast.
 Blackberries from the 'wild' bit next to the allotment and a few late raspberries/loganberries.

All the lettuce has either been eaten by slugs or run to seed but still have some other rocket and cress leaves to add to homegrown salad.

green peas and broad beans from the allotment, purple-podded (green inside) peas from home

Oops forgot to post this at weekend!


  1. wow, you ahd a great week, those black berries are my favorite, hope you are well and the weather is treating you fine,

    1. Err, no, weather is back to its normal damp self. An occasional day of sunshine is the best we have. Hoping September turns warm and sunny!