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Saturday, 19 November 2011

over-wintering crops

We haven't been down to the allotment this week - just pottering round the garden and picking the odd salad leaf or two and some late strawberries - I picked these while still unripe and let them turn red indoors away from the slugs and snails which have been eating them.There are still flowers on the plants but I don't really expect to get more fruit.

There are still some tomatoes on the plants in the greenhouse - but have more ripening in the kitchen that were picked earlier from outdoor plants.

Meanwhile I have things growing ready for Winter and/or Spring -

Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Spring cauliflowers

Brussels Sprouts, I think. As always the name tag has got lost and these could be cabbages......will have to wait and see....

baby cabbages and cauliflowers (still with name tags) - these may get planted out at the allotment soon if we don't have a hard frost


  1. It must be wonderful to have fresh veg in the garden so long in the season, we have had snow, there are huge piles here and there but rain came and washed some away, this is late for us to have bare ground, it makes my heart smile to see your garden, must be lovely to still have fresh tomatoes, so much better than store bought.

  2. It's very late to have had so little frost here. I'm hoping we're setting up for a milder winter. There are still calendulas, cosmos, nasturtiums and bits of other things flowering - very strange and it doesn't feel remotely Christmassy yet.