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Saturday, 27 November 2010


Last weekend we took over an allotment.
The previous tenant had planted lots of things and although they'd cropped some of them an awful lot were still sitting there going to waste. The allotment association don't like this as it's messy and allows weeds, particularly brambles, to take over the world. I was just thinking of all the food on the plot going to waste. Still, we've all got the same end in view - clear the plot!
Frost was forecast for the end of the week, so despite weekend rain and cloggy ground, we set to work lifting lots of carrots and beetroot, a few onions, died-back borlotti bean plants for the seed, a large butternut squash, some romanesco cauliflowers, a ragged cabbage..... The more weeds that were cleared, the more vegetables appeared underneath the mess. We can now see two nice rows of leeks, one of parsnips, perhaps some turnips and some cavallo nero cabbage/kale.

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