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Monday, 30 August 2010


have just returned from a fortnight's holiday and rather anxiously checked the garden to see how it survived without us - even went out with a torch the evening we got home!
well, left to their own devices, things have flourished. the pumpkins have grown so large that they've brought down the pea row they were growing through. the runner beans have continued to crop - some have been collected by a neighbour so they're still flowering. the rainwater capture system for the greenhouse seems to have worked well - apparently there was fairly regular rain while we were away so the water butt was re-filled from time to time. we lifted the cover off of the plastic tomato house before the holiday, so they didn't need watering and some have started to ripen.
the only thing not doing well is the hanging basket with flowers and tomatoes in it - we really should have taken it down but forgot to.

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