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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


have the usual crop of self-seeded flowers growing in the veg patch

love in a mist by the cabbages

welsh poppies sneaking in between the onions

but also some new-comers this year
lobelia under the patio table - has to be self-set from over wintered seed as I haven't grown any this year.

chard among the leeks - either self set from last year's chard or some of last year's seed which didn't germinate then

wild rocket - self set on the opposite side of the path

alpine strawberries - growing and fruiting all on its own

oregano - tried for years to get marjoram to grow without success. last year I was given a packet of greek oregano - this grew much better, survived the cold winter and has sent up seedlings all over the garden

we grew potatoes last year in amongst the runner beans - obviously we didn't lift all of them!

these lavender seedlings have been growing for years in a window box, just above a couple of lavender plants. at first I thought they were another herb I'd sown and forgotten but now they're larger the scent is more obvious. waiting to see their flowers as the two plants nearby are different types of lavender.

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