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Sunday, 20 June 2010

still sowing seeds

been sowing seeds again this last week or so, some in trays, some straight in the garden. for late summer, there's some reuzensuiker mangetout peas - already through - and radishes. for autumn some all year round cauliflowers, autumn king carrots and swedes. for winter there's a late setting of brussels sprouts and three sorts of cabbage - january king, picador and classic. for next spring there's some early purple sprouting broccoli.
also set some blood red wallflowers for spring.
with luck we should be able to keep the garden as productive over winter as it is in spring and summer. this is what I'm always aiming for, sometimes it works better than others. sometimes things don't grow quickly enough we end up, yet again, with spring cabbage still growing in the spot needed for the runner beans. hopefully this year everything will work according to plan

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