welcome to my little suburban oasis, filled with flowers,fruit trees and vegetables

Sunday, 28 March 2010

set this week

seem to be spending all my time sowing seeds, so instead of listing them as and when they're set, I thought it would be easier just to list them at the end of the week.
tendergreen french beans, incredible sweetcorn - proper corn this year not babycorn, delikett peas - mangetout type, spring onions, kohl rabi, green magic broccoli - hopefully grown, cropped and out by July, courgettes, pumpkins from home grown seed, ophelia aubergines, nasturtiums, pyrethrums - a bit late to flower this year, pink evening primroses, and duchess blue ice asters


  1. Oh this sounds great! I am envious. I have such a tiny space for growing veg, not that I am a very gifted gardener. The sad thing is that I try so hard - yet do end up with carrots full of black things and gooseberries stripped clear of leaves, etc. etc.

    You might have some advice about a plum tree, perhaps. Its leaves keep curling up but they don't have that scabby stuff on you get with peach leaf curl. I have looked in my gardening book and it doesn't say anything about it. I sprayed it with the stuff you're supposed to use against peach leaf curl anyway.

  2. We have a miniature peach tree which gets scab - red blisters on the leaves. I deal with them by picking off the affected leaves. The tree looks bare for a while but then puts out new leaves which are generally fine. I'll look through our gardening books - there are a lot and see if I can find anything specific and helpful.